"Candid, Voyeuristic and Emotive, Adam is the photographer with the well groomed beard and the plaid shirts. Shooting a mix of editorial, fashion and art he’s been published internationally and has a list of global clients" - Jut Magazine

"Dear adam robertson, don´t take it personal, but i find your work is kinda boring. sorry.
best regards"
- Frank Knauer

"I hate you, models all love you and your work is better than mine" - Anonymous Email

"I'll take your mumblings as those of an inept amateur  with the creative eye of a blind man. Your work lacks substance and you lack creativity and skill" - Craig, Sheffield

It's like you took everything I wanted from a shoot and then said "fuck you you creative lacking ugo - here's how the pros do it" - Dj Johny Fav

...more quotes / (abuse) coming soon! © Adam Robertson Photography
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